#iAM Program

#iAM Program

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The #iAM Program is a 6 week mindset and emotional health program to empower women to go deep within themselves, know their values, know their worth, stand true to their beliefs and take responsibility for how they choose to show up in life.

I have created this program out of pure passion for shifting the limiting beliefs and feelings which we as women hold, to stand strong within our truth, to speak up, to know our triggers and know ourselves so well that all is accepted within. My focus is wanting to help people get REAL and RAW with their feelings, their life, their actions and taking responsibility rather than stepping into blame. How this affects both friendships and relationships is huge!
The #iAM program is a life long bunch of wisdom and useful tools to use from my knowledge, my learnings, my life experiences, fears overcome, challenges taken, my wins, my growth.

I've created this program with a major focus on morals and values being my greatest passion and strength in delivery. There's nothing more that fires me up. The focus for this program is purely around identifying your relationship with self, getting strong with your alignment and what serves your soul and its desires. It focuses on gaining greater clarity around your purpose and standing strong in your truth and standing your ground. We delve into emotions which are by far my most favourite topic capturing the different facets of why we feel the way we do, how we show up and how/why we resist.

Getting very clear on what stories you are running day to day is a big element in determining how you show up in the world for others and most importantly yourself.

Re-writing and re-creating your stories based on how you want to FEEL and how you want to show up is crucial....ACTION speaks louder than anything.... but knowing what you need to shift is crucial.

There are many reasons why I have felt the depth of my emotions over my lifetime. Embracing the fear and being seen is challenging yet the answer to greater awareness, acceptance of what is and loving yourself completely.

To be vulnerable is to be seen. To be fully seen. To be courageous is to feel the fear and be seen anyway. Growth happens in a state of pure vulnerability, within a safe space with a courageous attitude.
It's challenging, yet allows for pure magic through acceptance, love and joy to flow through. Yet a tonne of learnings along the way which naturally & consciously change your behaviour moving forward.

Your thoughts create your feelings. Your feelings create your actions and your actions determine your behaviour.
How are you showing up?
for yourself?
for your wife/husband/partner?
for your children?
for your family?
How are you WILLING to show up?
Is your heart longing for deeper growth?

Course Details:
Commences Tuesday 11th September 2018.
Dates: 11th, 18th, 25th September & 2nd, 9th, 16th October 2018.

Every Tuesday from 5:30pm - 7pm WST (7:30pm - 9pm AEST)

Online via a free video conferencing app (details will be given once ticket is purchased)

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Deposit: $90 (non-refundable and must be paid to secure spot if part payments)
Early Bird: $260 (until 31st August 2018)

Via website here: www.rawfithealth.com.au/products/iam-program

Questions/More Info/Contact:
Please contact via the message button below or via direct message to Kristyn Rawson on Facebook Messenger or email rawfitc@gmail.com

Kristyn Rawson (Course Creator) is a Qualified Clinical Nutritionist with a solid passion for psychology and emotional health. Kristyn has a vast background of experience from nutritional medicine to project management to business start-up and business improvement and loves inspiring people to live their most aligned life based on pure truth and abundant love. Being highly emotionally intelligent Kristyn has invested time learning what she implements and embodies, learning being one of her highest values. Kristyn's highest qualities being trust, loyalty and presence allow people to feel safe and share. This allows women to feel inspired and confident to stand in their truth. Kristyn is down-to-earth and a healer at heart which compliments her driven vibe. A big achiever, she's also conquered challenges which has pushed her into her passion of helping ignite the soul connection each has within.  

Big love,
KP @ RawFit Health